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How much time should i Practice2014-02-21T23:05:01+02:00


Between 2-8 hours per day – depending on the severity of the material, how familiar you are with it and who physically cgallenign it is 


Should I learn Acoustic/Classical guitar before learning Electric guitar?2014-02-21T23:08:33+02:00

Absolutely not! You should start learning the style you enjoy listening to the most. Just get a competent teacher in the specific style and start practising!

I am a big fan of your music and I was wondering if you could give me some advice on how to get REALLY good on guitar2014-02-21T23:15:51+02:00

Yes! GET A COMPETENT GUITAR TEACHER! That’s the best advice anyone can give you at any level of playing. Make sure you note that I said COMPETENT – that means STAY AWAY from imaginary-rock-star has-beens and the like and get someone that enjoys teaching and communicating his/her knowledge to you!

Also, make sure he is proficient in the style you want to learn. Don’t buy the crap that “you need to learn classical guitar firstto learn electric” or that “you need to get good in Jazz if you want to become a better rock player

I am confused! WHERE are you located currently?2017-09-21T14:31:31+02:00

I am currently in Greece – specifically in Athens. That’s where I live most of the year.

I enjoy travelling and performing around Europe, but I do have a stable “base of operations”!