Interview with BB King

Genre: Blues / Soul Blues

B B King is widely regarded as the greatest living blues guitarist. “The ast of the great bluesmen” as they say.Many contemporary musicians and guitar players credit it him to be their inspiration. Great melodic sense and style has made him to be considered the greatest guitar player after Jimi Hendrix.

But the 83-year-old musician has a different perspective on his ability. “I don’t think it’s true,” he says with a shrug. “A lot of kids tease me when they see me, they start to bow. I’m not trying to stop them. I think I’m a pretty good musician, I don’t think I’m the best, that’s all. I just do what I do my way.”

Either way, the King in this interview talks about everything: his childhood back in the day, his influences, how got to pick up the guitar, his family’s attitude towards that and zillion other things in this 7 pages interview that still isn’t enough to cover BB King’s contribution to music!

Enjoy the BB King Interview!

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