[Interview Sundays] – Interview with Chris Broderick

///[Interview Sundays] – Interview with Chris Broderick

Interview with Chris Broderick

Hey all!

Welcome to “Interview Sundays” – a new weekly series of post on ioannis.org

In these posts, i will be posting various things that piques my interest during the last few days n the guitar-related universe – anything from instructional videos, performance videos , lessons, interviews and anything else that could not easily fir into any of the other weekly categories!


Genre: Progressive Metal/ Heavy Metal/ Thrash Metal

Chris Broderick is modern day guitar monster. With unparalleled mastery of the instrument in terms of technique varying from super speed alternate phrases to breathtaking 8 finger tapping intervallic phrases Chris never ceases to amaze us. One of the most educated musicians around, with degrees in classical guitar, piano and violin, Chris has his own style and he already becomes part of legend.

In this interview, Chris Broderick tells among others, what he loves about teaching, he thoughts about being a self-taught musician, his thoughts on the rising movement of new guitarists, on how he developed his vibrato and why he doesn’t consider Jimi Hendrix to be the greatest guitar player of all time.



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