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[Chord of the Week] – A minor 9th – “Close my Eyes Forever” edition!

Here's a VERY melodic open chord - A minor 9th. THis is the exact voicing used on Ozzy's and Lita Ford's duet - "Close my Eyes Forever" Perfect for atmospheric ballads! Click the button below [...]

[Chord of the Week] – Bm11 Valentine’s Day edition (Maximum romance)!

Here's a very romantic sounding Bm11 - personally I try to use it as much as possible (especially when i have girls in the audience)!! Having said that - please be careful of the stretch [...]

[Chord of the Week] – Cmaj13 !

I bet you never thought you would be playing a maj13 chord on a Sunday! :-) Do not worry, it is much easier than it sounds! You can use it as a substitute for a [...]

[Chord of the Week] – The BEST sounding Am9 chord!

Here's one of my absolute favorite chord shapes - Am9 played on the 5th fret with open strings The combination of fretted and open strings creates a unique cluster of sounds that is particularly pleasant [...]

[Chord of the Week] – F#7add11

Here's a very nice, almost "mystical" F#7add11 chord shape on the 2nd fret! As you can see , i try to use as few fingers as possible in my chord shapes, opting to utilize open [...]

[Chord of the Week] – Dm9 4-string chord shape

Here's a very nice sounding progressive chord shape for Dm9 Use this with a clean sound. The cluster of notes will help create a  very interesting sound when arpeggiated! Enjoy! Click the button below to [...]

[Chord of the Week] – Bm11 chord shape

Here's a REALLY nice sounding B minor 11 chord shape, using open strings Pay attention to the interesting effect created on the top 3 strings, due to the combination of open string chiming and the [...]

[Chord of the Week] – Cmaj9 open chord

Here's another excellent little post to help you with expanding your chordal vocabulary! This is a 3rd fret Cmaj9  - You can use it as a substitute for Cmaj7 and even C major triad The [...]

[Chord of the Week] – D minor 9 (open chord)

Here's a really useful version of Dm9 - tho sone uses 2 open strings and sounds great played with a clean sound, maybe with a touch of delay & chorus It can be used as [...]

[Chord of the Week] – A minor 11 chord (Box 2 – 4th string root)

Here's a great little chord shape for A minor 11 - easy to finger and easy to remember! This is a simplification of A minor 7 chord - wher we take the perfect 5th of [...]