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Short and swet tips to help you with your guitar learning!

Guitar Learning Tip #66

Difference between Teaching & Coaching: Teaching is for Beginners that do not know how to DO things Coaching is for Intermediate/Advanced players that want to get even BETTER at what they (love to) do. […]

Guitar Learning Tip #65

There are many website than sell “guitar lessons” they seem to confuse MANY people. So let me simplify it: […]

Guitar Learning Tip #64

When you start any kind of Coaching program, by FAR the MOST important element is the PERSONALIZED FEEDBACK given specifically to you by the Coach. […]

Guitar Learning Tip #63

Have REALISTIC expectations when setting time-specific goals. You would not expect to get a Law degree in 6 months, do not expect to reach professional level playing in 6 months of practicing! […]

Guitar Learning Tip #60

RGT Exams Tips: Specialism […]

Guitar Learning Tip #59

Repertoire is often a very much neglected part of a guitarists practice – […]

Guitar Learning Tip #58

RGT Exams Tips : Ear Training […]

Guitar Learning Tip #57

RGT Exams Tips: Lead Guitar Most examination  will not have dedicated rock guitar amps for your exam time. […]

Guitar Learning Tip #56

RGT Exams Tips: Rhythm Guitar. […]

Guitar Learning Tip #55

If you play primarily  Rock guitar and you can only practice 2-3 hours a day, forget about learning to read music notations, there are much more important/pressing things to learn. […]

Guitar Learning Tip #54

Teachers are important for people that are just starting out with guitar, […]

Guitar Learning Tip #53

The greatest sticking point of intermediate guitar players is their unwillingness to get professional guidance. […]

Guitar Learning Tip #52

There are Electric Guitar University degrees for various styles of guitar playing. […]

Guitar Learning Tip #51

If you plan to make a career as a session  player, the ability to read both Chord charts and musical notation fluently and quickly is extremely important. […]

Guitar Learning Tip #50

There are 3 major career paths for aspiring professional guitar players – […]

Guitar Learning Tip #49

The most important skill you need to have to become a professional session player – the ability to get along with people. […]

Guitar Learning Tip #48

An advanced/professional player needs 3 distinct sound rigs.  […]

Guitar Learning Tip #47

Do not worry about your sound too much  when practicing, […]

Guitar Learning Tip #46

Make a commitment of at least 4 months to any instructional undertaking you start – a new  practice schedule or a new instructional book/material. […]

Guitar Learning Tip #45

There is NO MAGIC PILL when you want to become a great player. […]

Guitar Learning Tip #44

A main reason I advice my students to invest oriV Ai a good quality instrvm,entis to minimize thel risk of INJURY when they are in the middle of heavy practicing period. A well-made, ergonomic instrument [...]

Guitar Learning Tip #43

As you are practicing, every now and then you will come up with something that you really like, a lick, a riff etc. […]

Guitar Learning Tip #42

You will need to use a variety of Metrics to gauge you playing progress. […]

Guitar Learning Tip #41

Define carefully your SPECIFIC Weaknesses – […]

Guitar Learning Tip #40

For most guitar playerrs, being frustrated about your guitar playing, means: “I Do not know what to do next to get better!” […]

Guitar Learning Tip #39

Tracking results and using Metrics is VERY important – most players measure only technique. […]

Guitar Learning Tip #38

To Sustain your motivation you need to have IN BETWEEN goals during your journey to guitar mastery. Some examples: […]

Guitar Learning Tip #37

Your ACTUAL social networks – family, friends, work buddies and significant other can make you or break you in your quest to become a great player. […]

Guitar Learning Tip #36

People that make inn Music Business are those that DO NOT let everyday life  troubles sidetrack them from their goals. […]

Guitar Learning Tip #35

What separates the advanced players –  […]