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Guitar Learning Tip #29

The BANE of existence of aspiring guitarists are their Ego Defense Mechanisms & Endless Excuses.

What Students Say

I feel I can sincerely say that Ioannis is a perfect example of an excellent teacher. Our lessons are totally customized to address my musical needs & goals!
Steve Fenelaro
When I first met Ioannis it was a thrilling experience. I’d been playing the classical guitar for about 18 years and electric guitar just as a hobby. Ioannis was the one who helped me to expand my knowledge and evolve my technique on electric guitar. His coaching helped me achieve my goal – to become a professional, raise the standard of my guitar playing, to deepen my knowledge of modern music and to fill all the gaps I had in my musical knowledge.
Jim Nassios
Ioannis is an exceptional coach and a true virtuoso of the guitar. During the 4 years i have been studying with him, he has always been able to shown me the most efficient ways to break down and master every aspect of the electric guitar. It is from him that i have learned one of the most important lessons, that a musician keeps evolving through his entire life. A truly great contemporary guitarist, with amazing improvisational skills – he is definitely one of the biggest influences on my playing!
Tasos Asonitis, Wings in Motion
Ioannis is the coach who can really help anyone that wants to improve his guitar playing to the maximum! His efficient way of teaching and very well organized lessons can help you to unstuck from the intermediate level and “push” your playing to the next level. Also his excellent guidance through the years saved me years of wasted effort, many times over!
Everyone call Ioannis a great guitar coach, a guitar virtuoso and more… But I think of him as a guru of the guitar. I’ve been studying with Ioannis for two years and i literally cannot believe the knowledge that I have obtained reached in this period of time. The most important thing that i have learned with Ioannis as my coach is to keep my goals clear and how to effectively reach them in the easiest way! His great playing full of passion, emotion and impeccable technique it were the primary reasons which made me want to start studying with him.
Mikko, Black Hat Bones